From an awkward fit of the outfit to the ugly color choices, the dress can be a big fail for special events like Red Carpets and Award Shows. The “Oscars, Met Gala and Grammy” are the nights every actor and actress looks up to and just a nomination is enough to get the goosebumps. We have seen a few unforgettable dresses on Hollywood’s biggest nights in the past few years but a lot of them were definite misses.

Celebrities can easily go wrong with their red-carpet outfit choices by picking up the dress that is not made for them. Following trends blindly is the reason why some designers make mistakes and crash the overall looks of the actors.

Here, we take a look at some of the outfits that most of the female celebrities would reject at the first glance. Let’s discuss each of them in detail and then decide whether they are hit or miss for large-scale events.

Black Embellished Sequin Gown

Like every year, celebrities get to choose the best attire to stand out in the crowd and look unique from contemporary artists. Top-notch fashion designers put in so many efforts in the making of customized dresses just to get validation from the general public. But the question is:

“Why would somebody choose a Black Embellished Sequin Gown?”

At first, the gown looks just like an ordinary piece but it’s only when you get into the details of it. Evelyn Belluci is originally designed in Japan that is the perfect example of a delicate feminine aesthetic. The idea behind this vintage gown is its versatility with sophistication.

The sequin black gown is your best friend for big events like grand Christmas/New Year parties and wedding receptions. Of course, you do not have to be a celebrity to pull off this majestic gown. The dress is decorated with silver embellishment throughout the length, looks elite in its design and cuts. The strapless dress gives you the hot hourglass shape that would attract the attention of people without a doubt.


High Side Split Mermaid Formal Dress

Making it to the top of the best-dressed category is a little tricky at times and people tend to make all kinds of odd choices to be there. Bright bling dresses are thought to be outdated and boring and nobody tries to experiment with such kinds of fabrics anymore.

Kendall Jenner, at the Met Gala which is known as one of the grand events, wore a breathtaking sheer dress with all the fancy embellishments and looked stunning. High Side Split Mermaid Formal Dress is designed on the same pattern with some extra splash of colors. The pink and purple colors symbolize a “Fairy Tale” look and take you to the world of Disney Princess.

Side Split Mermaid Dress is your dream outfit for Wedding, Prom Night, and other Formal Occasions. Petticoat skirt with high side split is your kind of style and will look stunning on every formal occasion. The embellishment on the dress will shine through you that will reflect your happy and confident personality inside out.

Choose this chic style outfit to get the perfect Mermaid vibe and conquer the hearts of the people with your shine!


Knitted Lace Up Sexy Maxi Dress

Dressing up according to the theme while taking calculated risks is something that we all must try. Lace or net dresses are considered the most boring tradition that fashion models refuse to wear. We have not seen many celebrities pull off this kind of trend in quite some time. For Women USA  Clothing Store introduces several knitted lace dresses that bring back the retro feel for any kind of occasion. There is always room for the revival of old fashion trends in a quirky way.

Knitted Lace Up Sexy Maxi Dress is one fine example of the comeback of 90’s fashion which was all about the beautiful and delicate lace outfits. The body-hugging diagonal lace pattern fits you perfectly and takes any shape by the easy adjustment with the bottom knot. The maxi skirt is perfect to attend any formal office event with the addition of some statement jewelry pieces.

Knitted Lace Up Sexy Maxi Dress will spice up your style by adding some hotness to the conventional and customary lace dress. Give this vintage Maxi Dress a try and embrace your curves with confidence and true self-acceptance as this is the only way to move forward in life.


Champagne Sequin Mini Dress


Sequined mini dresses are the talk of the town for many decades but most women these days prefer to alter it with big ruffles, pouf sleeves, and bright color knits. This is because designers have stopped experimenting with it. Short dresses are still presented as backless or with long traditional trains that do not excite most of the women.

Champagne Sequin Mini Dress is a simple body-hugging dress that looks classy on everyone despite their age. You do not have to worry about the fit of this mini dress as the polyester material of the fabric gets the shape of your body quite effortlessly. The boat neck and mid-thigh length of the dress is perfect for any cocktail, ball, or evening party.

To make the Champagne Dress a little office appropriate, style it with a large blazer and long boots. Add some statement jewelry and a small handbag for a night out with your girls. Bold lips and open hair with loose curls will complement the mini dress. The short length of the dress allows you to look taller by wearing low-top shoes as we have seen most of the celebrities acing it on big Award Nights.

Graceful Yellow Mermaid Prom Dress

“Mermaid dresses only suit muscular or hourglass body shapes”

It is a myth that restricts most women from trying out such outfits. It is all about the fit and flare of the dress that is a game-changer. Mermaid dresses complement petite figures as a longer bodice is great to give that extra volume to the body. Any mermaid gown can be made a fashion statement with some little alterations here and there.

Just like that, Graceful Yellow Mermaid Prom Dress is a vintage piece from the premium collection at For Women USA Online Store that is designed with the most beautiful mermaid silhouette. It is the perfect pick for you to attend Wedding Receptions, New Year Parties, and Prom Nights. Unlike most trumpet gowns, it is easy to move in as the flare falls just below the knee.

We suggest you not go overboard with this dress. A few accessories with minimal nude makeup is all you need with this showstopper mermaid dress and you are good to go to attend your upcoming event. Just make sure to wear long heels with the dress for an easy and graceful walk and we assure you will make heads turn throughout the night. 

It’s All in You!

Anything that you give power to can mess with your confidence and we do not want that. Trust your choices in the outfits that you like and make a fashion statement out of them. Here we have seen multiple examples of dresses that do not appeal to most women at first but when you get to the details of each one of them, your perception changes instantly. Wear what you love and do not let anybody dictate their fashion sense to you. YOU DO YOU!