The right kind of tops & shirts styling can make a great deal of difference to your end look. The proper styling would help you look nothing less than those fashionistas with a million followers on Instagram. So this article is going to take you on a journey by the end of which you will come out looking nothing less than a celebrity. So are you all buckled up and ready to get aboard this magical ride?

With Shorts

Crop tops have this thing where they can up your style quotient by few notches without any effort. They are basically midriff or half shirt tops that expose the waist, navel, and abdomen. You can find some of the cutest crop tops in the ForWomenUSA store, an online women's clothing store. They deliver the most adorable and gorgeous crop tops to your doorstep. Cute and elegant Crop tops with a basic tee print would look lovely when paired with a cute pair of shorts and a belt to add some effect. Pair it up with a nice pair of sneakers to get a chic yet casual look. This would make for a perfect outfit for a casual hip look. Shorts would definitely bring out the bold, adventurous side in you. You can even wear your long casual tees with a cute pair of shorts to create a little sexy messy look.  


With Jeans

Denim jeans are the go-to for us girls to pair up with any tee or any blouse whenever we are in a hurry to create a lovely outfit. Did you know you could create a magical outfit with those plain denim? With the lovely tops and blouses, the For Women USA store has to offer, you can do wonders with it. The tops & shirts available at this tops shop can be teamed with ripped jeans for women and some beautiful accessories to create a fabulous outfit.


With Skirts

Skirts bring out that graceful, elegant you out, making you look the most gorgeous in the room. Blouses can be teamed with long elegant skirts to create a beautiful brunch look. You can even pair crop tops with mini skirts to give you a stylish look with a minimalistic touch to it. Team up pretty blouses with mid-calf or knee-length pencil skirts and a lovely pair of pumps to create the perfect office look. If you want to stand out with your feminine beauty, skirts are the right way to go.


With Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants have become quite a rage for a while now. With its loose-fitting at the end, it quite reminds you of the retro style. Pairing it up with a shirt and a sweet pair of wedges is one of the easiest styles to wear. This look would give the right amount of sophistication and elegance. Tank tops would also look great when teamed up with a nice palazzo pant. If you are looking for a more casual look, then a black crop top or a printed tee would make for a great choice. Palazzo pants are a super comfortable piece of clothing that wouldn't compromise when it comes to your style and outfit. Its high waist even adds focus to those curves letting you flaunt that figure without any hesitation.

With Leather Bottom Wears

If you are going for the hot and sexy look, then what better than including some leather into your outfit, right? Pair up your tops or tees with some hot pair of leather pants or a sexy looking leather mini skirt. This, when paired with a foxy pair of heels or boots and some exciting jewelry, would definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This would make for a perfect outfit for those clubbing nights. You can even wear this bootylicious outfit for your girls’ night out or a night out with your boyfriend. One thing that is for sure is you will definitely make a lot of heads turn with that saucy outfit and body.

With Dresses

Beautiful blouses can be teamed up with dresses to create a gorgeous outfit. They would give an elegant and vintage touch to it. Pair it with a sweet pair of peep-toes and some beautiful jewelry to create magic. This outfit would be the ideal candidate for your lunch date or late night dinners. It will make sure you look every bit gorgeous. These unique and exciting pairings would up your style quotient and make you look fabulous. So don’t get left behind and try this look with women’s dress real soon.

With Blazer Suits

Want to make things sexy while keeping it formal? Then blazer suits are definitely your go-to. You can team these blazer suits with your choice of blouse or tee to create a stylish and sophisticated look. This women’s apparel will make sure you are the classiest one in the room. The blazer suit has become the next hot thing in town with all the influencers wearing it. So keep up with the trend and get yourself a blazer suit to pair with that beautiful shirt.

With Baggy Pants

If cool and hip are what you were aiming for, then the high waist baggy pants would do you full justice. These pants, when paired with a cute crop top or even a casual tee, would definitely make a statement while keeping things casual. A lovely cozy turtleneck shirt would also look great with a pair of baggy pants. Team it up with a cool pair of sneakers or shoes and some rustic jewelry to complete the look. This outfit would just be the look celebrities opt for their casual outings. Try it out to know how amazing you would look. The Women for USA store offers a crazy range of pants and tees for you to choose from. This tops shop near me would just be your dream store.

With Jackets

Your whole outfit can get a different look when you team your tops with a leather jacket or cardigan. An extra layer can bring about a whole lot of change to your outfit. If you are looking to stand out, then opt for some bright neon colors. If you want a more minimalistic look, then opting for sober colors would be a great choice. Black leather jackets scream rugged and stylish, which is all the more reason for you to try them.  So next time you want to try out something different with your outfit, try layering it with a jacket or some winter coats for women.


With Sports Leggings

You ever wonder how the celebrities who get clicked outside the gym look so amazing. You will be surprised what a pair of right clothing and styling can do to you. Who says you can’t look sexy while heading out for those workout sessions, right? You have every reason to dress sexy before diving into those exercises. Making sure you pair your top with the right track pant and matching sports shoes is one of the first dos on the list. Dressing well will motivate you more to get out and sweat the hell out. So women’s sports clothing can be made stylish while keeping it comfortable too. Choose the right breezy clothes, which is a must when you are planning to go to the gym. 


So I hope all these styling tips would help you get that beautiful and stylish look you have always dreamt of. Hope it helps you look like the influencer you wanted to look like the next time you step outside.  Always keep in mind your confidence has the best and most important role to play in your look. So whatever you wear, own it and wear it with full confidence. Keep the tips in mind, and have fun experimenting and trying out different styles and looks!