Usually, the coming of winter means women all around the country have to put away flats and party shoes in preparation for the colder weather. Winter means snow, sleet, rain, and hail, and those aren't exactly the best conditions for walking around in summer sandals.

Most women believe that picking winter shoes means giving up style for the purpose of function. The priority for winter wear is to keep yourself warm, so it's not hard to understand why some people just opt for simple, if clunky, winter gear. However, just because temperatures are dropping doesn't mean your sense of style has to, too. Below we've listed out some chic, stylish footwear options that you can enjoy in the winter months for all kinds of occasions.

Stay Warm with a Pair of Light Winter Boots

If the winter is particularly cold, there's no better option than shopping for a pair of warm winter boots. These boots are usually specially designed to keep the wearer warm, provide a strong grip to prevent falls, and go high enough to protect part of the leg.

According to Good Housekeeping, a great pair of winter boots also has to help regulate your temperature, meaning they shouldn't be too cold or too hot. The amazing Waterproof Warm Ankle Winter Boots do precisely that, while also offering a slick and extremely fashionable design.

Despite their appearance, this pair doesn't feel heavy on your feet at all. The reason? These boots are made of soft Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate or EVA, making them very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. As a result, you'll be able to have hours of fun hanging out with your best friends, while staying both comfortable and looking quite fashionable.

Fashionable Sneakers to Stay Healthy During the Winter

Sneakers are probably one of the most comfortable footwear options around. They may not be as insulating as winter boots, but they're great options if you want your cold-weather looks to be stylish and comfortable.

The mesh allows for a more breathable experience during particularly intense exercise routines, but it also comes in ten different colours with various designs. The grey model, for example, has a triangle pattern in the mesh, as well as adorable pink stripes on the ankle. Its cool colors also make it perfect for sports in the winter, and paired with some thick socks it can even hold up to most cold weather.

If you're interested in the latest sneaker trends for the colder months, you can sign up to SoleSavy and connect with more experienced fans. You might want to check out new releases or talk about your favorite models, like our easy slip-on Breathable Mesh Platform Sneakers. Sneaker hubs are great for learning more about what other women are wearing, and how they keep themselves sporty and stylish during the winter.

Gorgeous High Heel Boots to Freely Explore the Winter Landscape

Knee-high boots are among the most attractive and elegant designs in female footwear. Their shape is great for emphasizing a silhouette, while the leather covering your legs will keep you warm.

Some styles, like our Fashion Knee High Winter Boots, come with a fur lining at the top, which provides an additional layer of protection against the cold. It also comes with a synthetic sole that makes wearing them surprisingly comfortable, even with high heels.

The pair comes with a combat style thread that makes them highly durable, allowing you to freely explore the city's winter landscape, without worrying about slipping on the icy ground. And if you completely fall in love with these boots, you can wear them daily, as they use an extra durable suede that protects them from any superficial damage.

Party Shoes to Make an Unforgettable Entrance

Even during the coldest winters, parties and events don’t stop. While you might need warm and safe shoes for a regular day, parties are a special occasion that provides you with the opportunity to look your best and show off your style.

Party shoes can also be an excellent opportunity to express your individuality as a woman. This set of Rhinestone Shoes and Bag, for example, are colourful but elegant, and sure to brighten up the room no matter what the occasion. If you need a pair of party shoes for the holidays, those might be the ones.

The stylish design will make you stand out, making your entrance unforgettable. Its Italian design looks both graceful and elegant no matter the occasion, while the colorful finish will make you the center of attention. The pair comes in a variety of colors, but we think that the black model would look particularly glamorous in a dress of the same color.

Fashionable Flats to Look Elegant Everyday

Most women would say goodbye to their flats until the end of the winter, but the truth is there are many reasons to wear them during this season. As Popsugar suggests, flats are versatile and can be used while wearing socks, tights, or long pants, and some models even come with fur.

If you prefer a little bit of sparkle and shine on your shoes, then we recommend the Flat Rhinestone Bling pair of flats. Their colorful and bright sequined material makes them look both stylish and casual, which is ideal for visiting friends during these cold winter afternoons. You can wear them with tights under a warm dress for that chic, feminine winter look.

The shoes are made with EVA, making them both soft and comfortable. But that's not all. The body is made of PU leather, a durable material that is also sustainable and 100% vegan. An excellent choice that allows you to keep looking fashionable and feel guilt-free during your everyday activities.

Cold Weather, Cooler Style

Contrary to what people may think, you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to stay warm during the winter. In fact, the colder months are an opportunity to express your creativity and style in a whole new way. Learning how to pair the right shoes to an outfit for a cold weather day can be a great way to express your style and explore some hidden combinations in your wardrobe.

Whether you're checking in with a community on the best pair of sneakers or partying the night away in your favorite bedazzled heels, you deserve a winter look that's all you. So don't be afraid to keep your favorite shoes in rotation during the winter. With a little bit of creative thinking and an innate instinct for style, you'll be rocking the holiday nights and days away.

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