The idea of rocking the red carpet or an award function in a sexy gown sounds appealing to most of us. The catch is to make that look unique and classy, unlike your contemporaries. Celebrities often go for silk that can easily fall on the body and gives a nice shape to the outfit. Designers all over the world are experimenting with fabrics and materials that could replace traditional dresses with new and modern attire to look different and more attractive.

Metal mesh dresses are relatively new in the market and a lot of people especially from the media industry are experimenting by styling such outfits in different manners. The shine of the fabric is what makes these outfits fresh and trendy and grabs the attention of the audiences whether it is a fashion show or a big award function.

What Is A Metal Mesh Dress?

People often say that ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ Well, we tend to disagree here a little bit. By that, we don’t mean the literal gold of course but yes sometimes it gives the illusion of gold and makes you look precious.

Metal mesh dresses are retro-style outfits in metallic shades with beautiful glittery textures. Earlier, people use such kinds of outfits in movies and theatre, especially in South Asia where movie costumes are a big deal and usually have a lot of handwork and metallic colors.

Women all over the world prefer metal mesh dresses for important events like weddings, prom nights, and birthday parties. They bring extra bling to your look and give you the shine that you want to carry with confidence and style. Metal mesh dresses come in all different cuts like long dresses, mini dresses, turtle neck dresses, and so on. You can pick and choose according to your need and occasion.

Why Rihanna Prefers A Metal Mesh Dress for Events?

Rihanna is an singer star and media personality. She is known for her unique and classy style and the way she manages her outfits, especially at events like award shows, red carpets, and even at casual parties. Whatever she wears becomes a statement and fashion symbol for young girls. 

In 2019, Rihanna launched your own make-up line called Fenty Beauty and this is occasion she was spotted wearing a sexy gold metal mesh dress covering the curves of her body. The way she effortlessly carried the outfit was beyond words. She covered the entire body with a glittery highlighter to catch the attention of her fans. Despite of the intention was to show the new beauty line, this gorgeous dress which was a showstopper in itself. 

The gold metal mesh dress was styled by Jahleel Weaver. It was a floor-length sleeveless metal dress with beautiful detailing at the sides. Two tassels were hanging at both sides and that’s the overall design of this beautiful metal dress. This time, Rihanna looked to enhance her natural features. Center-parting sleek black hair was the perfect choice with this shiny dress. As the gold metal dress was enough to catch the attention of the audience and fans hence she opted for a jewelry-less look. The beautiful dress received so much appreciation at the Gala event that to date people talk about her outfit and praise her for her body language and confidence to carry a long metal mesh dress with a lot of grace and style.

Golden girl: Rihanna covered her entire body in the glittering highlighter to showcase it to her fans, before slipping into a dazzling gold Morphew dress

The 3 Preferred Metal Mesh Dress Colors to Buy

When it comes to glittery metallic mesh dresses, the first few colors that come to our mind are the basics i.e. silver, gold, and black. These are the colors that go with everything. From birthday parties to formal ones, these are your go-to outfits, and investing in these colors is a smart choice. For Women USA brings a classy masterpiece in all three colors to choose from. Let’s have a look at the most versatile Metal Mesh Dress in 2022 and beyond.  

Gold Metal Mesh Dress

If we talk about grand nights like Met Gala, Grammys, and Oscars, we can only think of one solid color which is Gold. No girl can feel ordinary in this color. Gold is a color of compassion and divinity. This color attracts so much positive energy towards itself. Women wearing this color feel no less than a Queen.

Gold Metal Mesh Dress is an all-rounder and one can easily opt for it for any event. From big events to small parties, you can subtly wear this masterpiece according to your needs. It is a backless style with stretchy soft material so you do not have to worry to fit in this. Just try it once and you will love the way it falls on your body. We suggest you go for gold jewelry with tie-up hair. Soft makeup with bold lips will go perfectly with this gold metal mesh dress. Pair it up with some stilettos for an elevated look and you are ready to rock the event!

Silver Metal Mesh Dress

The beautiful Silver Metal Mesh Dress is a mid-thigh beauty that is perfect for prom nights or cocktail parties. Silver metal mesh dress is preferred by a lot of women no matter what age group they lie in. The metal mesh material with delicate sequin is all you need to turn heads at any party. Silver is a radiant color and signifies confidence and charm. Make sure you handle this color with utmost grace and the rest of this beautiful dress will do for you.

‘Less is more!’ is the new slogan in the fashion world and rightly so. Go for a basic look with minimal makeup and a simple hairdo. You can add some oxidized jewelry if you want. A pair of plain strappy heels will look lovely with this gorgeous silver metal mesh dress.

Black Metal Mesh Dress

Black is a color of elegance and power. Most women feel confident when wearing black. It doesn’t have to be an intimidating color but signifies self-worth and boldness. Black Metal Mesh Dress is perfect for a red-carpet event or one can carry it well on a birthday or pool party. Black is always in demand due to its versatility and how it fits perfectly on every occasion. Your body shines in these kinds of metal mesh dresses no matter how expensively others are dressed.

Black Metal Mesh dress is the number one choice of celebrities in recent times for media parties and magazine covers. Just like that, this beautiful black metal mesh dress has a chain slit and cross-back style that can be opted for such big nights. We cannot stress enough the fact that it is all about confidence at the end of the day what matters is how you feel wearing a particular dress. Add this classic piece to your closet and we promise you won’t regret your decision.

Best Occasion to Wear A Metal Mesh Dress

To showcase your unparalleled style and be unique from the rest, you must choose something that is out of the box yet classy. Metal mesh dresses are known to give life to your boring attire, therefore, opting for these dresses can automatically make you hundred times more attractive. You can wear these mesh dresses at any event no matter how formal they are. It is all about carrying such outfits with class and self-confidence. Some of the occasions that you can consider wearing these dresses are:

  • Prom Nights- Go for some silver metal mesh dress to look hippy and trendy at the same time. Prom nights are all about shiny clothes so a metallic piece is perfect for such an event.
  • Birthday Parties- Birthday parties are all fun but choosing the right outfit for it can be a little tricky. Mini metal mesh dresses can be worn with soft makeup to rock that event.
  • Nightclub Dance- Dance and shimmery outfits go hand in hand. Nightclubs have that lively vibe that can compliment your metal mesh dress. Not to forget you will turn many heads with your attire.
  • Cocktail and Pool Parties- These are the most common parties and any metal mesh dress is enough to grab the attention of the people.
  • Wedding Parties- Night wedding parties are the events that are best to wear a metal mesh dress to stand out from the rest.
  • Award Shows and Red Carpets- These days a lot of celebrities prefer to wear metal mesh dresses to Award shows and Red carpets to make a fashion statement.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you choose your best metal mesh dress for your next upcoming event. If you are new to Metal mesh dresses, we suggest you go for safe colors like black, silver, and gold. Invest in a good quality dress and it will last you many years. Visit our online store For Women USA for get your metal mesh dress today and enjoy the party.