First dates are always special and a little stressful at times. Some people end up falling in love right away while others take their time to understand the other person better. Whether your first date is a pass or fail, it’s always an exciting experience to share and something you would remember all your life.

Women’s first date, especially those in their 20’s can agree to the fact that they get more anxious about their first date than men. Its just natural for them to overthink about everything from the type of dress they will wear, the right kind of matching shoes and accessories to pair with and most importantly how they will carry the overall look. Some of the tips and tricks that can help will be discussed here for women’s first date.

Choose the Right Outfit

We all know how beautiful it feels when a guy asks you out for the first time. You feel over the moon and just the thought of it gives you hundreds of butterflies in your stomach. Take a deep breath and Relax! You need to put yourself together before your special event.

Confidence is the key in women’s first date. Choose something very classy yet elegant dress that suits your personality.  The guy should get your vibe through your dressing and the way you carry yourself. Do not pick something that you have never worn before as it might ruin your first date rather go for something that you can pull off effortlessly. Find some elegant party dress at some women's clothes store near you.

Try Elegant Bodycon Dress which comes in white color with a beautiful square neckline and lace straps. Pair it with some pearl accessories and you are good to go. This Elegant Bodycon Dress is available in all sizes at For Women USA.


Never Show Up Late

The worst thing you could do to your date is to make him wait. Let’s be honest here, nobody likes to wait especially on the very first date. Guys are usually impatient and this will leave a negative impression of you on them.

We agree that women’s first date is special and you need hours to get ready for that special event but you can always manage your time beforehand. Plan a little, a day before your date. Get your bodycon dress ironed and sort out your jewelry and bag.

Shoes is the area where most of the women make mistakes. They tend to choose something that is extremely uncomfortable which in turn makes their walk awkward that one can tell just by looking at you. Check out shoes collection at one click women store near you. Remember “Cinderella”, how did her shoe slip off if it was a perfect fit? You surely do not want to relive that moment on your first date. Do not worry, Forwomenusa is here to rescue.

Go to our clothing store that is very close to you (click here)  and just pick something that fits you perfectly so that you can reach your destination on time and feel confident in your walk. The body language tells a lot about your personality and you do not want to compromise on that.


You can try the Classic 11cm Red High Heels one of our shoes best sellers. These are plain heels and can go with any outfit especially with the above mentioned Elegant Bodycon Dress.


Maintain Eye Contact

You might get a little nervous during your first date but For Women USA is here to help. It is important to stay in the moment and main eye contact. You become so much attractive automatically if you show interest in the conversation and let the other person know that you really care about his thoughts.

 Avoid looking at your phone during the conversation as it gives the hint that you are not interested. Check some small bags  and carry a one with you where you can keep all your belongings along with your phone. That way you won’t be distracted by constant notifications on your phone.

For women’s first date, something like Chain Design Luxury Hand Bag should be considered which is small and travel friendly. Pair it with our elegant bodycon dresses. It is available in different colors at a store near you i.e. For Women USA.


 Avoid Using Strong Scents

Do not go over the top as it gives the wrong signal of you being desperate to seek attention. Rather choose subtle products and scents that reflects your personality. Your date might be allergic to some strong smells and it may become embarrassing for you during the conversation. Find good scents that suit your personality at women stores near you and feel confident.

Men appreciate the fact that the woman they are dating is putting an effort to look presentable during their first formal meeting that is why they notice every single thing. They sometimes act all cool as if they do not care about the beauty standards but deep inside they do want their loved one to look and smell good for them.

If you have not done shopping for your special night, then rush towards the women store near you or simply trust to sort things out for you. Just like Women Brand Fragrance Lasting for Female, they have some amazing perfume collections that makes people smell heavenly especially in the women’s first date when apply on their elegant dresses.


Always Remember, Less is More

Once you have started the conversation during your first date, do not worry about your makeup, hair or dress. You have given your best and now its your confidence and communication skills that are going to matter.

Women’s first date is tricky sometimes and they try to overdress at times during their first date just to impress the guy but this is really not going to work. Look for women stores and select simple and minimal accessories as just a statement piece would do the job with the elegant bodycon dresses. It will be comfortable for you throughout the meeting and also, it would not restrict you to move your body freely. Let the guy focus on you first and then on the things you are wearing.

For Women USA, a woman store near you (check more), has a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Luxury Magnet Buckle Flower Rhinestone Women Watch is an elegant statement piece to go for women’s first date. It is available in 7 different shades along with some pretty set of bracelets.


Be Yourself!

The most important tip that anybody can give is “to be Yourself” all the time. What is meant for you will reach you any way and if it does not then just move on. You are a free soul and your life does not stop for one person. Just give your best and leave the rest on destiny. One thing that should never be compromised during women’s first date is your self-respect and confidence. Smile more, because this is the best accessory that any woman can wear. For further details of the products, click here.