The unimaginable shift in clothing trends over the years is much appreciated in the fashion world. The 90s and early 2000s gave us enough time to experiment with different methodologies and styles of outfits. Bit by bit, we have now come to the point where we have evolved decently by practicing and welcoming all kinds of ideas from all over the world.

However, some of our designers could not ignore the old patterns and cuts when it comes to styling people. One such example is the Chainmail Dress. The iconic images of old celebrities in classy chainmail dresses are hard to forget and are printed in our hearts so much so that the designers refuse to let go of that particular metal finish outfits.

A lot of experiments have been done with this particular dress and its versatility allows us to pair it with different articles. For instance, you can pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and look super trendy without putting much effort. Similarly, people have gone the extra mile with this metal mesh dress and styled it with a lehenga which is a traditional Indian attire and is mostly used in formal events like Weddings and Engagement parties.

Kendall Jenner’s Favorite

Who doesn’t know about the supermodel and most classy celebrity of today? Yes! She is Kendall Jenner, the fashion-savvy Kardashian who has proved herself on every platform and become the most popular among the youth in such a short period.

Kendall is no doubt a style icon for many and the way she carries herself in every kind of outfit is just amazing. From baggy jeans to a full glam long gown, she has aced her looks effortlessly. Women all over the world especially young girls look forward to her party and red-carpet attires.

If we talk about the outfit that is much raved about and most dear to Kendall, we instantly think of something that she wore to a private party. Birthdays are a big deal for Kendall and we all wait for her pictures to come out as soon as possible. In 2016, Kendall was seen in a sexy Silver Chainmail Dress that she picked and wore on her birthday.

Kendall’s 21st

This 70’s inspired retro dress caught the attention of all kinds of designers and was made in all kinds of colors and styles afterward. Some people say that Kendall is heavily influenced by Paris Hilton who wore such kind of a metal mesh dress on her 21st birthday in 2002 and that’s why she picked this groovy dress to give a tribute to Paris Hilton in this way.

Her beautiful dress was a custom made that was specially designed for her by a Lebanese designer Antoine Salameh who is known for making classy dresses for all kinds of celebrities. Though the chainmail dress looks plain, the metal mesh pattern is enough to give the shine that could grab the attention of the people around.

Chainmail Dress - A Fashion Statement

A-list celebrities have that kind of power to change people’s minds and inspire them to try something new and fashionable. Kendall’s sexy silver Chainmail Dress somehow appealed to the audience so much that it became a fashion statement for many.

A lot of upcoming models and celebrities were seen wearing them at every party and award function. Some carried it well while others made a lot of blunders. It is all about how you carry that outfit and when it comes to metal mesh dresses, these need to be styled on point or else these can lead to a major wardrobe malfunction which we surely do not want to happen.

How Kendall Styled the Silver Chainmail Dress

Chainmail dresses are a little tricky to style for different occasions. Since the fabric is shiny and gives a metallic feel you can’t go overboard with everything else otherwise it will look like a disco ball and you will be judged left right and center. We cannot control people’s opinions but we can correct our styling to avoid such situations to occur.

Hair and Makeup

Kendall Jenner is a role model for us and the way she styles her outfits is beyond words. No matter how heavy or light the outfit is, she makes sure to carry it subtly with grace and confidence. The silver chainmail dress is no exception. Again, she went for a minimalist approach for it. The nude lips with smoky eyes are the ultimate classic combination to go for and here she went with the basics. Short open wavy hair complimented the overall look.


The sexy silver chainmail dress does not require a lot of jewelry pieces so Kendall did a smart move by just wearing a silver bracelet and that’s it. No other items can overshadow the beauty of this outfit and one should know where to apply that rule.

Kendall-Inspired Chainmail Dresses

Now that we have talked about the craze of Kendall’s look, particularly her birthday Chainmail dress in silver, let’s talk about its effects on normal people. People from all kinds of backgrounds wanted to get their hands on this kind of metal mesh dress for their cocktail parties and after-wedding parties.

A lot of replicas were seen in the markets and small brands were making exact copies of such dresses at an affordable prices. Although these were not original, people were going crazy to purchase them and create a look similar to Kendall for their birthday parties as well. Not only people, but we have also seen celebrities copying the cuts and design of this metal mesh dress and flaunting it on big events like red carpets and award nights.

All in all, Kendall’s sassy look had a major impact on women of all age groups and people could not resist purchasing and styling such an outfit for themselves. To date, people try to wear silver chain mail dresses at their birthday parties as this particular dress is not going out of fashion anytime soon.

 For Women USA brings a classy Chainmail Party Dress to die for. Again, it is inspired by Kendall’s dress and is one of a kind. Just like people do not want to forget this dress, we got you all covered. Let’s talk about this masterpiece a little and then you can decide for yourself whether it is worth your money or not.


Chainmail Dress is a sexy night dress that is your best buy for this fall season. Its cuts and design allow you to fit every body type without looking bad. The metal mesh material is all you need for your next upcoming event. The thing that stands out and makes this beauty a unique item is the plunging halter neck that is not very common in other chainmail dresses.

Chainmail dress is a mid-thigh solid pattern outfit that is perfect for birthday, cocktail, prom, and evening parties. This dress can be used in casual functions by making some subtle changes to it. While at night, the bling and shine of this dress will look out of this world. You surely have a margin to go a little overboard at night in terms of makeup and jewelry. For instance, adding a rep lippie with single shadow eyes is a great look to go for. We suggest you keep your hair short or tied up if you are wearing this silver dress. The reason is, its beautiful neckline needs to be shown and it does look sexy and attractive when it is clear and people do not have to make an effort to notice that.

Play a little smart with this metal mesh dress just like Kendall did. She believed in the beauty of this outfit and that’s the reason she went for a subtle look. You can wear a pair of stilettos with the chainmail mini dress to get the elevated feel and your overall body language changes instantly.

This can be the best gift for this Christmas season for your girlfriends and family members. You can find it in two beautiful colors to choose from i.e. silver and gold chainmail dress. Each shade has its grace and both colors are perfect to attend any party be it casual or formal.  From extra small to large, this silver beauty is available in all sizes.

Final Thoughts

Chainmail dresses are the kind of outfits that are your safest investment. They are so versatile and can fit any body type. You can wear them anywhere by making a few changes here and there. These classics do not go out of fashion and can last for many years. You can easily up your fashion game by adding this chic chainmail dress to your wardrobe collection and you are good to go to attend your next important event.

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