Undoubtedly, eyelashes can make or break your make-up game for real. The beauty trend of having long and lifted lashes is here for so long and women all over the world try different methods to make their eyelashes thick and attractive. Lash lifts are quite a fashion these days which serves the purpose of having beautiful and perfect lashes without causing any damage to the eyes.

“My bare minimum for going out is lipstick and curled eyelashes.”-  Riley Keough

What Is Eyelash Lifting?

Unlike eyelash extensions, lash lifting techniques are very unique and work with your lashes instead of putting heavy synthetic hair on the eyelids. A large number of women are shifting their preferences towards lifting methods as they are a much safer and natural-looking way of having the desired lashes.

For Women USA Online Store introduces Professional Eye Lashes Lifting Kit that claims to provide perfectly permed and fuller lashes.


Get Your Hands on The Perfect Eyelash Lifting Kit

Lash lifts are for people who don’t like to go overboard with their eyes. It does add drama to the lashes but in a very subtle way. Professional Eye Lashes Lifting Kit is here to cater to all your needs when it comes to having fuller and curled lashes.

How Does Eyelash Lifting Kit Works?

This professional eyelash lifting kit includes 7 pieces that are high quality and dermatologically tested.

  • Perm
  • Fixation
  • Nutrition
  • Cleanser
  • False lash glue
  • Lifting pads
  • Y Brushes


This kit is specially designed for beginners who are new in the makeup world and brave enough to experiment with their looks. All the 7 pieces that make up the entire kit are durable and safe to use. Just read the instructions carefully and get started.

Now, let’s see how you can achieve these long and thick lashes with a few and simple steps.

Cleanse the Eyes


The first step is to clean the eyes with the solution in the cleanser bottle. This is done to give a clean canvas to the products that are going to be applied afterward. Remove any dust, oil, or makeup residue first and head on to the next step.

Placing of Eye Lift Pads

High-quality eye pads are mandatory for lash lifting to avoid the direct contact of any product with the skin. Many women have sensitive skin and they immediately get a rash whenever they go for some new product, therefore placing the silicone pads under the eyelids is a must to protect the skin from solutions.

Stick the Lift Pads with The Glue

For the next step, you need to be extremely careful and focus. The Professional Eye Lashes Lifting Kit comes with a long bottle of mild false lash glue. You need to take a little amount of glue and spread it evenly on the eye pads. Let it dry a little bit so that it sticks better. Now place the eye pads on the upper part of your eyelids. Press the pads for a while to make sure they stay in place.

Stick the Eyelashes to The Lift Pads

Apply the same false lash glue to your eyelashes so that they stick firmly with the lift pads. “Patience is the key”! You need to be extremely patient during this lash lift process as it requires a lot of time so that you can enjoy the results afterward. So, give at least one minute to your lashes to get them stuck properly with the lift pads. If your lashes give you a hard time sticking, you can always apply some more glue.

Apply the Perm Lotion to The Eyelashes

Now it's time to apply the perm lotion that is included in the Eye Lashes Lifting Kit. Apply it evenly on your lashes and cover the eyes with some plastic wrap for about 10 to 12 minutes. Do not touch your lashes during this process, as it might decrease the efficiency of the perm lotion.

Apply Fixing Agent to The Eyelashes

Gently remove all the perm lotion from the eyes with the help of Y brush of the kit. Vertical motion is the recommended way to do this job as circular motion might damage the natural eyelashes.  After you are done removing, apply a layer of fixing agent on the lashes slowly and cover the eyes with the plastic wrap for about 10 to 12 minutes.

Use Cleanser to Clean the Eyelashes

Now use the cleanse to remove all the products that you just applied with the help of Y brush. Make sure no residue is left.

Apply Nutrition Lotion on The Eyelashes

It is time to gently remove the lift pads from the upper lid of the eyes. Do it very gently as we do not want any redness and bruise in that sensitive area. Then apply the nutrition lotion of the professional lifting kit to provide the required nourishment to the eyelashes. It instantly gives the shine and makes the lashes look fuller.

Durability and Shelf Life of Eyelashes Lifting Kit

Coating the eyelashes every week and with proper care, the perming can easily last up to 2 to 3 months. The eyelash kit has a shelf life of 18 months so make sure to use it during that time frame.

Some Safety Precautions

  • Try not to start the lash lifting process when you are wearing lenses. Consider removing them for a safe and smooth process. Consult any professional if any redness happens.
  • Keep the Professional eyelash kit away from direct sunlight as the lotions in the kit are in liquid consistency and they might react with the direct heat.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of your lash curler and mascara, try our Professional Lash Lifting Kit. It is budget-friendly and less harmful as compared to the other fancy methods. This one kit is all you need during this festive season. Treat your eyes with the best and get ready to receive the most amazing compliments on your upcoming event.