In this time and age, people need money as a medium of exchange to buy necessities in return for their hard work. Indeed, money is not the only thing that can guarantee your happiness but it surely paves the way to deal with difficult situations in life.

The last two years took a toll on so many people due to recession and inflation at the same time and a lot of people lost their dream jobs just to manage to get the bare minimum for their loved ones. The situation is better but we are still not over this phase. Due to all that is happening in the world right now, earning money through various platforms has been made convenient for people, particularly for women who are unable to leave their homes and work full time.

Joining an affiliate program not only allows earning money online but also increases your creative skills to be at the virtual marketplace which in turn boosts your confidence. These are the small steps that can lead to your dreams that can be achieved while sitting at home and not compromising your family life.

For Women USA brings an affiliate program in association with Goaffpro for all the women out there. Whether you are a housewife with kids at home or a student, you can now make your own money wherever you are just sharing our products.

Open to Join

The best part of online earning platforms is that it is easily accessible and free. You do not need to go somewhere to submit your CV or be there for an interview rather just apply online and be a part of our online family.

For all common women, influencers and bloggers, it is a golden opportunity to vast your spectrum of audience and followers. These kinds of platforms for earning money online free for women are the booster if you like to post on Instagram, Facebook, Quora, etc. or you are an aspiring fashion content creator.

Making money by selling the ad space or by selling the products directly through an affiliate program is always beneficial for both parties to generate the maximum profit in the longer run. By sharing the product that goes with the terms of our website, you can earn online between 10% to 20% commission for every referral purchase.

That way you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on the promotion of our products. You just need to act smart and share the products you think fit better with your friends and social followers.

Earning Money from A Cell Phone

Earning money online for women is so common these days that women who are perusing regular jobs are shifting towards some kind of affiliate program be it a fashion affiliate program just like ours or any other depending upon their respective fields. Earning money from a cell phone is the best possible and convenient option that one can achieve so far.

You can take your cell phone anywhere and still work with us easily. Housewives and students can create their pages online on Facebook and Instagram and start building their content. The moment you feel you have enough engagement, you can register yourself on our affiliate program and start earning for yourself. All you need is a cell phone and a good internet connection and you are good to go.

Promotion Via FREE Advertisement     

Earning money from home for women seems like a big challenge but it is not. It is just the right skills for the job and dedication towards your work. If you are willing to give your best, the sky is the limit.

Whether you deal with a small-scale business or a big marketplace, the right promotion with the right strategy is the key. Simply advertise by linking our tools with your social media page or website and monetize afterward. Check our product detail page and capture the links directly. For instance, one of our best seller’s products, Newest Classic 11cm High Heels Shoes for Women is available on the website. You can link the description with your page and advertise it the way you want.

The next step is to share it on different platforms. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other online social place to connect and advertise with our fashion affiliate program. Product reviews are something we suggest to everyone that can be served directly to your website for promotional and announcement purposes. Be creative with the customized text and image links that can lead directly to our products.  Chainmaille Party Dress is another example that can be advertised in several creative ways to grab the maximum attention.

Earn Money with Us

The ultimate goal to earn money online via cell phones or other means is to generate income that can serve you in one way or another to fulfill your needs or to invest in something bigger and better. The right way to earn through an affiliate program while sitting at home is to look for a platform that can give you multiple opportunities to showcase your skills.

Our fashion affiliate program at For Women USA gives up to 10% commissions on successful referrals plus an additional $10 bonus when you join in. We have a range of earning commissions on all the product purchases even though the particular product gets the advertisement or not. The commissions could lie in the bracket of 10% to 20%. Moreover, to maximize your earnings we have a policy of competitive conversion that is designed in a way to assist and facilitate you in the earning process.

How Does Our Affiliate Program Works?

To start earning money with is very simple and quick, 

  1. You sign up to our affiliate program and immediately you earn $10 bonus.
  2. Then, you follow the process to create your affiliate links of products you consider the best to promote with your audience, friends, family and social followers.
  3. Pick some pictures of the products from our women's online fashion store.
  4. Share products/links in social media platforms, marketplaces, Whatsapp or any other way.
  5. Once your followers click on your affiliate links and make a purchase, you earn between 10% - 20% commission depending product sold.
  6. Your money will be deposited automatically to your PayPal account once the amount reaches $50.

It is also important to get in touch with us if you find any changes in the commission or the categories of products as we may make changes in the advertising fee from time to time. You can play accordingly as to where to market the product and how to do it. Your marketing strategy is entirely yours so be creative and research all you want about the product and its details as you will be needing them in the entire advertising process.


Earning money online is a feasible option these days, especially for women who are either housewives or students working part-time. It is a great way to start something and contribute to the business world. The best part of earning online through cell phones is that you are your boss, you can work in the most comfortable environment without the need to dress up and look presentable all the time. earning for yourself gives the creative freedom and a break from the daily hectic life and you get time to explore and polish your skills.

You just need to take your phone with you and do the work any time and anywhere in the world. This is the power we all need, to do something for ourselves and give time to the things we value the most in life. Earning for yourself and your family is stability that requires a lot of hard work and we promise to help you in every way possible we can.

Let’s build an online family together and be the pillar of support for each other.