The thought behind choosing the right outfit for different occasions is to save your time and money altogether. Transforming the outfits with some little alterations here and there can change your style game for any event from day to night time. Whether you are going for an official presentation or having a New Year party with your favorite girls, all it takes is to make a few changes and turn your look from drab to fab!

Here we will discuss the 7 different tips and tricks that you can apply in your everyday look to make your outfits stand out no matter what the time is. For Women USA Online store has an amazing variety of dresses to choose from at affordable rates. Let’s have a look at them and get to know the versatility of these beautiful masterpieces.

  1. Layering with a Cardigan
  2. Slip-on A Crop Top
  3. Glam Up with Accessories
  4. Switch Up Your Shoes
  5. Refresh Your Makeup
  6. Style with A Statement Bag
  7. It’s All in The Details

Layering with a Cardigan

Layering outfits with statement articles can make a huge difference in transforming the overall look. Jumpsuits have conquered the boardroom in the past few years and are quite popular especially among the school-going girls. Transforming such flowy dresses into the night outfit is a lot of fun.

Frill Floral One-Piece Halter-Neck Jumpsuit is a printed lightweight dress that can be worn in the daytime for any college or office event. But what if you have other plans in the night and have no time in hand to go home and change?

No worries! We are here with the solution. This beautiful floral dress can be turned into a semi-formal outfit by adding a plain one-color cardigan over it. From casual to super smart look of this jumpsuit will be achieved by replacing the scandals with a pair of coat shoes in black or white. Some silver rings and bracelets can be added to complete the look and you are good to go for any night event.


Slip-on A Crop Top

It is tricky to play with various tops with the same pants as you can easily go overboard and there is a higher chance of going wrong with the overall look. Loose Long High Waist Wide Leg Pants for Women is a classic piece in bright green, pink and orange color.

For a casual daytime look, just pair the wide-leg pants with a simple loose half-sleeve top. No need to wear long heels and bold makeup. Replace heavy earrings with just plain hoops or maybe some rings will do the job.

Loose long pants are perfect for the nighttime if paired with a formal blouse or crop top. You can choose any neutral color with these high waist pants. Go subtle with your look and you can tie your hair in a bun if you are out at the party during the night. You will look composed and neat in your attire.


Glam Up with Accessories

Jewelry plays a vital role in taking an outfit from day to night look. This is a subtle way of change when it comes to the transformation of an entire outfit. Classic Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Sundress looks great during the day with minimal accessories and soft makeup. You can pair it with the basic nude strappy heels to complete the look.

The short sleeve dress has a lace pattern on it and has the perfect mid-thigh length. It can be turned into a super chic nighttime outfit by adding some heavy statement pieces. Since the dress is off-shoulder therefore it has a lot of room to wear delicate neckpieces. You can wear them in pairs as well.

Off-Shoulder Short Sleeve Sundress will look great with tied-up hair. Black long earrings and some oxidized bracelets and rings will complement the dress in the most beautiful way.

Make sure to wear long heels with the dress to stand out from the rest!

 Switch Up Your Shoes

By paying attention to the minor details in the outfit, you can take your look from rugged to refined instantly. Look for options that can go with day and night time and choose colors accordingly. Other than jewelry, shoes can also take your transformation to another level.

Prefer wearing flats with V Neck Split Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit during the daytime for a casual look with minimal accessories. Do not go overboard with the makeup as the vibrant red color of the split jumpsuit is enough to express your vibe.

Slipping into different shoes for nighttime is another ball game altogether. You will see how your look changes with your body language. Transparent sexy stilettos or black strappy heels can do the job here. Along with that, open hair with beachy waves and a delicate neckpiece will add value to it and you are ready to ace the night.


Refresh Your Makeup

Most working women prefer a feminine and chic look in the office for comfort. Skinny jeans and a loose top are a top priority that can go with any work environment. Here, the question arises to turn this look into the night glam look.

The answer is quite simple and easy. “MAKEUP!”

Makeup has the power to make or break any look. It can transform the simple outfit into a classy one with some changes. High waist skinny jeans is a simple article in black and white color. Any loose top with no makeup look can go with this one in the daytime. It is the safest option for college-going girls as no one can go wrong with the basics.

Adding bright red lip color with ripped jeans will instantly change your look for the nighttime. Smoky eyes with fake lashes will add extra drama to the overall look. Neon shades of nail color are another option for a glam party look. You can wear some embellished blouse with it for a formal event.


Style with A Statement Bag 

Big traditional bags are quite old-fashioned and can only be accepted for an office look. You do not need to carry tons of stuff for a glam party. Sexy Tie Dye Bodycon Mini Dress is one perfect piece that is great for the day as well as the night out. The cute tie-dye print will boost your confidence with its vibrant colors that can bring your lively personality out, so we suggest you go for minimal accessories with it during the daytime.

Bodycon Mini Dress can be worn in the nighttime by just adding a beautiful statement bag to complete the look. You can opt for any plain bag or clutch in a neutral color that goes with the print. The body-hugging mini dress is stretchable so any bag with a long silver chain is also a good option to consider.


It’s All in The Details

Let’s be honest here, people do notice the minute details of the outfit especially in big formal events. You can not avoid the judgment but you can also pay extra attention to the extra details of the outfit. Graceful Yellow Mermaid Prom Dress is one fine example of classic details. From the beautiful neckline to the mermaid silhouette, everything is just perfect for both day and night time.

Keeping the Mermaid dress for a casual look with minimal makeup and tied-up hair for the daytime is a good idea whereas for a night look, go for extra bold lips or dark eyes with nude lips. Choose the clutch that goes with the details of the dress on the upper body and add some beautiful vintage earrings with open hair.


A Little Reminder!

Styling yourself should always be fun and exciting without the added pressures of society. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to the transformation of dresses but one can always take inspiration from others. Be creative and play around with different colors and accessories and then decide the best outfit that matches your vibe.